What is changing?
Older devices will stop receiving updates to Race Dash for Sim Games a little later this year; support for F1 2021 will be the last game to be added. This affects any device currently on iOS version 9, 10 or 11.

What can I do to keep getting updates?
If you can upgrade your device software, please upgrade to iOS 12 or later. Alternatively, if you have another device, please switch to that.

Can I continue to use Race Dash for Sim Games?
Yes, the app should still function correctly, but will stop benefitting from the regular updates and improvements that we make currently. Also, the last compatible version of the app will remain downloadable from the App Store should you need to wipe your device and re-install at any point.

Why is this happening?
The reasons are two-fold; Unfortunately maintaining backward support for older operating systems increasingly adds complexity to the app, and is holding back the implementation of new features in the app due to a lack of support on the older devices. iOS 9 was released in 2015 and can be used on devices that are from 2011. This higlights the other issue – device performance. The older devices lack the performance of new ones, and are now struggling to process the sheer amount of data that games are sending, offering a less than optimal experience.

An exact date isn’t yet decided, but will be once we’re happy that support for F1 2021 is working well within the app. This is likely to be in the region of August – October 2021.

Thank you
Thank you for your support of Race Dash over the years, I hope you’ve enjoyed using it as much as I have building it. Early users of the app on these older devices helped to shape the direction of the app and for that I’m forever grateful. I hope you can join me on the other side with a newer device and continue to use the app, as there are a lot of new features in the pipeline.

Thanks again,