What is it?

Race Dash for Sim Games is a second screen app for racing games. It links into games that support telemetry to provide realtime dashboards and timing screens. The supported games currently includes the F1 series, Forza, Project CARS and Assetto Corsa – see here for a full list. Supported platforms include PS4/PS5, XBox and PC.

  • 43 different screens available in total (each game has a subset of these depending on supported features)
  • Add up to 10 dashboards to your selection at any one time (per game) and quickly swipe between them for fast access. F1 2018 onwards, and PCARS/2 allow for the dashboard switching to be done from the controller/steering wheel.
  • Display key data such as speed, gear, RPM, fuel level, ERS, laptime and lap delta
  • RPM lights are customisable to suit your preference and the whole display can flash at the gear shift point
  • Non-dashboard screens include timing screens, circuit maps and warning flag displays (game dependent)


The app is free to download, and includes a basic dashboard (showing speed, gear and RPM) for each game. This allows users to test functionality for free, as certain home network environments can cause telemetry to not work properly (however this is rare). Each game is a separate, one-off cost to unlock, which unlocks every screen (current and future) for that particular game.



Click each image for a high resolution version, or download all images in a ZIP file.

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